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Chris Foxley: Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry

Chris Foxley becomes Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry

It’s an achievement to be awarded one fellowship, but to be awarded two is something special.

We’re proud to announce that Chris Foxley, who has been with Tata Chemicals Europe since 1978 – and who is already a Fellow of the Institute of Chemical Engineers – has recently been awarded Fellowship of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Chris commented on the award: “Becoming a Fellow of the RSC is something I’ve been working towards for a number of years. Being measured and assessed by one’s peers and being found to meet stringent standards means a lot to me.”

Joining ICI’s Alkali Department at Winnington after completing his A’ levels, Chris has first-hand experience of the changes in the chemicals industry. From the move away from certain alkali products, to the introduction and development of automation of plants and laboratories, Chris himself has been instrumental in many sector-changing advances.

Working in TCE across Soda Ash and Bicarb, Chris has a string of international projects to his name and helped to design the bicarb plant at Lostock. He said:

‘’Designing the world’s first standalone bicarb plant, delivering under significant time pressure, was a big milestone, especially as it secured bicarb production at Winnington going forwards.’’

There are exciting opportunities for young chemists to work on challenging projects at Tata Chemicals Europe. Offering his advice to young people coming into the chemicals industry today, Chris said:

“Study hard and focus on what you are trying to achieve. Also, enjoy the challenges and problems you face: using the methods you learn to find a solution is hugely rewarding. There’s lots of opportunity to apply science, gain knowledge and experience, enjoy developing ideas. Designing, testing, building and seeing things work is a great feeling.”

Chris is currently working on a number of exciting major investment projects at TCE where his chemistry skills, experience and expertise are vital.


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