Our journey


Our mission is to Serve Society Through Science. Our values and vision are integral to the way we do things round here and feed into every project, process and part of the business. ​


To leverage science to deliver new and innovative offerings, be that products or processes, and to be leaders in corporate sustainability. For our customers we will always offer them value and for our shareholders we will deliver superior results. Finally, within our teams we look to nurture innovation and learn through diversity. ​


From our plants to our projects and of course our people, these seven values are intrinsic to everything that goes on at TCE.


We set the highest standards of safety and ensure that everyone acts responsibly. We take action when necessary, remaining proactive and vigilant. ​


We care for our people, our communities and our environment. We act with integrity, encourage positivity and nurture talent.


We are proud of creating an environment where everyone can thrive, where we see strength in difference and where equality, inclusivity and diversity are at the core of everything we do.


Our value of care extends to our environment, and we seek to act responsibly at all times. We treat scarce resources respectfully and are fully committed to our journey towards Net Zero.


We are a team of innovators who work dynamically and creatively to challenge the norm and push the boundaries of science.


We deliver outstanding levels of value and customer service, working tirelessly to get things right first-time round. We are open and honest and always act with the utmost integrity.


We set and maintain the highest standards of excellence while constantly striving to improve. We work with pace and energy and have a real drive to succeed.

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