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St Luke’s Hospice Partnership

In partnership with St Luke’s Hospice

As we approach Christmas, a time for families, we thought it appropriate to introduce our readers to the work of St Luke’s Hospice – a charity that we’ve supported for the past four years. St Luke’s is a very special place, featuring many dedicated people who provide an all-important service to the communities of mid and south Cheshire. We’ve interviewed Andy Bailey from St Luke’s to find out more about their vital work in our local community.

  • What is your position at St Luke’s Hospice and how long have you been working there?

I’m the Corporate Partnerships Manager – which basically means I work with businesses that want to support the Hospice. I joined the team in July 2018 and the time has flown!

  • Tell us a little about St Luke’s Hospice

St Luke’s is a warm and welcoming space, based in Winsford and serving the population of mid and south Cheshire, which is approximately 300,000 adults. We are dedicated to supporting people from the minute they get a diagnosis for a life-limiting condition, through our Day Hospice which helps patients manage their symptoms, gain confidence and maximise their quality of life and also our specialist In-Care Unit which provides pain control, emergency respite and end of life care. We support the whole family – relatives can stay with their loved ones overnight in one of our rooms and we offer a counselling service to help family members at this most difficult time.

  • When did TCE first become involved with the Hospice?

TCE started getting involved with the Hospice in the summer of 2015 and haven’t stopped working with them since.

  • How is TCE involved?

TCE is involved in a number of ways, and over the years they have developed a programme of challenges and activities to appeal to all members of their workforce. This includes organising treasure hunts, bake sales, taking on treks such as the Sandstone Trail and Three Peaks and even creating and selling chilli at Hallowe’en. Most notably though, something of a ‘summer tradition’ has been established, with various team members creating their own challenge for St Luke’s. Last year, 20 cyclists took on the Cheshire canal ring over a weekend in June and earlier this year, five keen motorbike enthusiasts spent a couple of days riding over 600 miles to visit some of the UK’s most iconic dams!

  • What has the TCE support meant for St Luke’s?

Everything we provide at St Luke’s is totally free of charge for our patients and families, including all the expert care, medicines, therapies, meals, activities – everything. Obviously, this doesn’t come cheap, so we rely on local businesses to raise funds to keep the Hospice open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. TCE have been a formidable supporter of St Luke’s for many years and we truly value their continued support. The relationship between TCE and St Luke’s is really strong. Earlier this year I was honoured to be invited to British Salt’s 50th anniversary lunch, hosted by HRH Duke of Kent. It was also great to meet some of the team at Lostock at the ‘Dropped Items’ campaign event.

  • What do you have on the calendar with TCE for 2020?

I’ve always found that when it comes to corporate fundraising, it’s all about the personality and drive of the people within the business. At TCE I know there are some brilliant characters leading the charge for St Luke’s. I’ve recently spoken to Helen Taylor who is determined to organise a skydiving challenge in 2020 – so if you’ve not yet signed up, you’ll probably be asked very soon!


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