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Lostock celebrates excellent production performance

Lostock celebrates excellent production performance 

Our Lostock soda ash production team are celebrating a sustained period of excellent heavy ash production, with volumes exceeding historical averages over the last six months of 2019.

Head of Lostock Site Operations, Stephen Crabb, highlighted his team’s impressive performance:

“I am delighted with the Lostock team’s stand-out results, achieving higher than average production figures for heavy ash, six months in a row. We’re celebrating because this has never been done before. It goes to show what attention to detail, careful planning and quality work can deliver! Well done to everyone who has played a part in this impressive achievement. It’s certainly a great example of teamwork in action and represents a great deal of effort from a lot of people!”

As Plant Manager Uche Umekwe commented, the impressive heavy ash production performance comes at a landmark time for the Lostock site:

“It’s exciting times for Lostock with the recent announcement of the £30m+ investment across the site. It’s great to see a plant like Lostock, with such a long manufacturing history, continue to cement its place as a key pillar at TCE now and in the future. Over the past year we have removed several potential plant vulnerabilities and have implemented process improvements which have made an immediate impact on our production figures.”

“Demand for our soda ash is strong due to continued demand from key sectors such as glass and detergent manufacture, in addition to increasing demand for bicarb from export markets, as well as closer to home with the long-term contract to supply Briskarb for flue gas treatment at the planned Lostock Sustainable Energy Plant, all underpinning our future production.”


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