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Routine Annual Maintenance at Lostock

Routine Annual Maintenance at Lostock

Here at TCE we hold ourselves to the highest standards of safety and excellence, two of our core values. As part of maintaining these standards, every year we carry out critical maintenance and statutory inspection work, which requires a planned shutdown of our Lostock site.

We will be carrying out this year’s shutdown on Monday 9th October. The plant is due to come offline on Monday’s night shift and the shutdown is likely to continue for around 48-72 hours.

In order to ensure that the plant can be restarted successfully and safely we need to keep the plant warm and certain process flows operational throughout the shutdown period. Unfortunately, especially if weather conditions are still and calm, this and the restarting of the plant can create some additional unavoidable noise, for which we apologise in advance. Please therefore don’t be alarmed if you hear any unusual noise from the plant in this period and please be assured that we will make every effort to ensure that the noise is minimised as much as possible and that the stoppage is completed on time.

We remain fully committed to our community in Northwich and continue to invest in its plants in Cheshire. We look forward to continuing our 150 year association with the town and area.


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