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British Salt build bath for a polar bear

We recently teamed up with TV presenter and farmer Jimmy Doherty to help prepare for the very special arrival of a polar bear from central Sweden.

We’re used to our products being used across a multitude of sectors, from de-icing roads to treating water and of course being used in the food industry but helping to create Europe’s largest polar bear reserve is a new one – even for us!

At the start of the month, we were approached by the team at Jimmy’s Farm in Suffolk whose latest mission is to recreate a tundra-like environment that will be home to various rescued species including reindeer, arctic wolves and arctic foxes. After receiving a phone call from a wildlife park in Sweden which was closing, Jimmy began the challenge of relocating the bear to the UK. Meet 18-year-old Ewa, her favourite food is honey, and she loves spending time in her new enclosure rolling around in bark chippings!

Helping furry friends is something we have done before. A while back we helped the RSPCA with some poorly seal pups, donating salt for some nasty eye infections. This time we’ve donated 49 25-kilogram bags of our PDV salt. The team at Jimmy’s farm created a salt plunge bath for Ewa which will have numerous benefits for her skin and overall health. We’re pleased to see that she’s now thriving in her new home.  


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