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Meet the Team: Megan Lowe

Meet the team: placement student Megan Lowe

Local girl, Megan, is currently studying for a T Level in Management and Administration at Nantwich’s Reaseheath College. As part of her studies, she has joined the TCE team for one day a week, getting to grips with various departments. We sat down with Megan to find out how she’s been settling into life at TCE.

Megan, tell us a little bit about your placement.

I really look forward to my placement day every week because I know that as soon as I walk in, I’ll be doing something different. I’ve been lucky enough to work across lots of different departments, from IT and customer service to a stint on reception. My next placement will be with the HR team which I’m really looking forward to. It’s been great getting an understanding of different teams and how they interact with others, which is an experience I know a lot of other 17-year-olds haven’t been able to have.

How did you come to find the placement at TCE?

It was actually my Mum who spotted the placement at a local careers fair and told me all about it. I chose my course specifically because I knew that I wanted a mix of studying and hands-on experience in a workplace, and I like the variety that TCE offered as it’ll give me an idea of what I’d actually like to pursue.

What is the culture like?

I’m naturally quite shy so I was initially nervous meeting all the teams, but everyone was so friendly the nerves soon faded. It’s such a warm and welcoming atmosphere here which means that I’m never afraid to ask for help. I would also say that no matter how senior someone is, they always make time to come and check in on me, which I don’t think happens in lots of other places!

Has there been a particular challenge that you’ve been proud to overcome?

Learning how to use the SAP software was a real challenge but with help from my team I can now say proudly that I can use it confidently!

What are your plans for the future?

I’ve been doing a few afternoons with the HR team so I’m really looking forward to that being my next placement. After that I’m keen to look into doing an HR apprenticeship – so I’m on the lookout for my next challenge!


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