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New ideas are essential to develop, progress and innovate. Richard Diggle, Head of Sales and Project Lead at TCE, explains the importance of new ideas and how a simple idea led to a very exciting project.

A what-next mentality

“An integral part of my job is forward planning, thinking ahead to what the next year, 5 years, 10 years might look like for the business. At TCE we’re always striving for better and our what-next mentality paired with our willingness to ask the tough questions has placed us at the forefront of innovation and excellence within our sector.”

Fostering new ideas

“TCE has been amazing for my progression and development, I started off as a technician and was able to complete my degree whilst working, and now I work across two plants.

Doing my degree alongside a full-time job was definitely a challenge but TCE really supported me throughout, granting me days off for university, exams and revision. I also had a really supportive line manager who really encouraged me to go for lots of different opportunities.’’

New frontiers

“At the moment I’m really excited to be heading up a project for the business that will see TCE company British Salt develop into a relatively new sector for us, which is the production of pharmaceutical grade salt. The global pharmaceutical sector is huge, ripe for growth and in need of the premium quality product we have the skills to provide.

I remember a time when the idea of developing pharmaceutical grade salt was just an idea on a piece of paper. But it has been stress-tested again and again, overlaid on in-depth market intelligence and has consistently proven to be a great idea we just couldn’t kill. With the right people in the right roles, as well as a wealth of experience and expertise both inside and outside the business we’re now pressing ahead with what is a really exciting opportunity for us as an organisation and an invaluable solution product that will support life-saving sectors.  We’re now going full throttle with construction at our Middlewich site and are on track for pharmaceutical grade salt production to begin in Q2 2024.”

Showing resilience

“What gives us the confidence to operate in a permanent mindset of innovation? We’ve faced and continue to face our fair share of challenges. Some of the biggest we’ve come up against on this newest project have been on a global scale – from the pandemic to inflation – but we continue to progress and evolve. A lot of our new ideas come straight from the top. MD Martin Ashcroft has been integral to our growth into other sectors and continues to lead from the front.”

Empowering culture

“On a more individual basis we’ve worked hard to create an atmosphere at TCE where creative thinking, asking questions and asking for help are actively encouraged. We’ve got some real world leaders in the business but all of them will give anyone the time of day, from the most junior members of staff to the board. It’s this mentality that has helped us not only to survive but to thrive too.

“Another key to our success is that we recognise what we don’t know. We’re always looking to get the right talent onboard because we don’t want the same people in the same room making all the decisions. A fresh perspective from people of all different skillsets and backgrounds is a key pillar of our recruitment strategy.”

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