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“Our strength
lies in our

Jo, Chief Operations Officer at TCE, talks about how diversity and inclusivity drive success.

Right people. Right skills.

“I’m responsible for all operations across British Salt, the Winnington and Lostock sites, Soda Ash operations, Supply Chain as well as Energy and our carbon capture unit (CCU). It’s about getting the right people with the right skills on the right projects so that we can continue to deliver good quality products on time.”​

Challenging the norm

“I’m relatively new to the business but already feel like I’ve been here for years – it’s such a welcoming environment to come into. One of my main focuses is for everyone to feel as though this is their business, to get people thinking differently and start implementing positive changes together.

“We know that our strength lies in our people. By embracing those from all walks of life we have nurtured a culture where everyone is welcomed, and everyone’s voice is valued.”

Learning by example

“We’re big believers in showing and not telling at TCE. Personally, I favour the model shadow of the leader, which is all about how leading from the top is the way to make lasting and effective change. An important part of my role is to set an example, not only across my functions but the business as a whole, so that we are able to uphold standards and strive for better.”

Safe and respectful

“We’re always looking for fresh talent and are keen to invest in people from different backgrounds, with different expertise and different life experiences. Not only do we ensure fair representation through our recruitment process, but we work hard to create a safe and respectful environment for people of all backgrounds, genders, sexualities and ages.”

Developing my team

“The best part of my role is helping others develop. I throw myself into things and if I can instill even a small amount of that confidence in others then I’ve done my job. Watching employees progress with confidence and ability is the most fulfilling part of my role at TCE.”

Equal opportunities

“There used to be an element of keeping women in their place in industry but that’s just not the case anymore and I’m so proud to say that at TCE we’re committed to equal opportunity, with the right person for the job getting the job. There are talented women in some of the most senior positions in the business, but it’s their talent, not their gender, that’s important.”

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