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Joe, Head of Site Operations at British Salt, discusses the unique culture at TCE.

I’ve done it all

From Process Operator to Production Manager, Joe has worked across various sites and roles during his time at TCE and is now a young manager with a wealth of experience.

Shared goals

“It’s a really exciting time at British Salt at the moment. We’ve seen huge investment from TCE and there’s a real sense that everyone across both British Salt and TCE are looking to achieve shared goals. The new pharmaceutical salt plant is one of the biggest projects that British Salt has seen in recent years. Pharma salt is a totally new product, that requires a totally new process with totally new standards. I’m determined for this project to set a new standard of success for TCE, and I want to show the rest of the business what we can achieve with the right attitude and the right people. There will no doubt be a lot of learning along the way, but we’ve never shied away from that and will tackle it all head on, implementing any new learnings across our other sites as we go.”

It’s about ownership

“I’ve been with the business for 12 years and I’ve worked across various different sites and roles. From a Process Operator to Production Manager, I’ve done it all! I’ve really enjoyed being a manager and pride myself on my delegative style. I don’t like to micromanage my team; I set the objectives and vision and give them ownership on how to achieve these. I don’t like to stifle my team because that’s where you end up sacrificing innovation.”

Culture comes first

“Our strength lies in our people and our culture. If there’s a problem on the plant, we all come together to come up with a solution. The stakes are high in our line of work but when things go wrong, I know that I can fully rely on my team to come together and come out the other side.

We are innovators, learners and disruptors here. By our very nature, TCE are at the forefront of so many groundbreaking processes and technologies, so I’d say if you want to make a real impact then it’s a really exciting team to be a part of!”

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