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“We employ
the whole

Pauline Yould, HR and communications manager, gives insight into some of the people-driven HR initiatives that make TCE such a special place to work.

A holistic approach

TCE are mindful that we employ the whole person and, as an employer, taking care of our team needs a holistic approach.

Above and beyond

“It’s clear that we go above and beyond for our community, local environment and customers but we also extend this level of care to our team. We do so much good stuff here and it’s my job to ensure that it is properly communicated across our offices and to our colleagues on the plant. Caring for our employees isn’t a tick-box exercise and we want to ensure we are there for them when they need us most.”

Education & engagement

“Something I’m really passionate about is educating our staff on all the benefits that are available to them throughout their time at TCE and beyond. For us, it’s about taking HR out to the people. We have benefit days where we head out to plant, get our high-vis vests on and have financial education sessions where we discuss pensions, loans and more. Our pension awareness sessions always have a high attendance and in fact, we are way above industry standard for staff looking at the My Aviva site, which is just a testament to our staff engagement. 

A proactive approach

“When it comes to mental health, we’ve always prided ourselves on our proactive approach and have an excellent record of supporting our colleagues. As a workforce it’s fair to say that we have a lot of male colleagues who traditionally maybe aren’t as open when it comes to mental health.

“I think in particular on the plants, we have some amazing managers who genuinely care about their teams, who have themselves stepped forward and asked to be trained so they can be in a position to help their teams better. Our mental health training courses are invaluable: not only have we had colleagues tell us directly how useful they have found them, but we now have 27 mental health first aiders, which is great. We also host initiatives like our menopause awareness sessions which are well attended by both males and females.” 

People first

“For 150 years we’ve been constantly evolving and innovating. Through that time, we’ve constantly been open to new ideas and we always manage to put our people first. We must be doing something right! It’s not an exaggeration to say that at TCE we are doing groundbreaking things every single day and yet we always ensure that looking after our people is top of the agenda. Without our people we’d be nothing. A lot of people here give their heart and soul, whether they’ve been here for years or they’ve just joined the team. I’ve seen it myself for over 20 years now. We reward dedication and commitment, and we look to give that to our teams in return.       

“This is such a unique place to work. It really gets under your skin – come and find out for yourself!” 

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