TCE Community Funding Scheme – Terms and Conditions

1. These terms and conditions apply to the TCE Community Funding Scheme run by Tata Chemicals Europe Limited (“TCE”).

2. Applications for funding from TCE Community Funding are welcomed from groups or individuals, located within our designated support area (within the locality of our plants at Winnington, Lostock and Middlewich), which comply with the following eligibility criteria (“Eligible Applicants”):

  • UK registered charities;
  • Not for Profit organisations with an intended charitable, educational, environmental or societal benefit;
  • State-funded schools, colleges and nurseries especially with regard to educational STEM initiatives;
  • Community Interest groups;
  • Sports, uniformed organisations and social groups;
  • Voluntary or community led organisations;
  • Individuals involved in raising funds for or in support of charitable or educational, environmental or societal benefit;
  • Social Enterprises.

We will not accept applications from the following:

  • Profit led organisations or funding for private gain
  • Political or quasi-political groups
  • Professional sports teams
  • Groups or organisations which, at TCE’s absolute discretion, are not considered compatible with TCE’s values.

TCE reserves the right at its absolute discretion to consider an application ineligible.
3. Only per application per Eligible Applicant may be made per year.
4. Applications received after the closing date may not be considered.
5. All applications must be made through the TCE Application form provided.
6. Decisions as to whether to grant funds to an Eligible Applicant are at the absolute discretion of TCE. Funding is not guaranteed.
7. When applying registered charities will be required to provide their charity number, current bank statement and proof of address.
8. When applying non-registered charities, community groups or not for profit organisations will be required to provide a bank statement and letter of constitution.
9. Funding is non-transferable, non-assignable and non-negotiable and must be used for the purpose which it has been requested for. TCE reserves to right to require evidence of the funding having been used for such purpose.
10. Funding to successful applicants will be paid into the verified UK bank account of the successful applicant group. Funding cannot be paid into a personal bank account.
11. TCE reserves the right to delay or withdraw payment of the funding at its absolute discretion.
12. TCE reserves the right to amend, modify or terminate the community fund or the rules therein. These changes will be reflected in the terms and conditions.
13. By applying for the funding applicants agree to participate in in any reasonable PR requests in relation to the funding including but not limited to social media, content and photography requests for a period of two years from the date of your application being agreed and successful applicants shall obtain all necessary consents from or in respect of individuals included in any such PR. Successful applicants shall ensure that they notify TCE in writing if there are any children or vulnerable persons for whom consent cannot or has not been obtained and who should not be included in any published material.
14. TCE will have permission to share and use any content relating to the funding via social media or other means, including to outside of the UK, and by applying for the funding you grant us permission to do this.
15. TCE reserves the right to recover funding granted upon suspicion of any fraudulent or irregular activity in relation to the funding or organisation.
16. TCE does not accept responsibility for any injury or loss incurred by applying for the fund or use of the monies awarded if successful.
17. Data related to the application for funding will only be held or used in relation to the activity for which it was meant. TCE will not collect any personal data for any other purpose other than to process the application for funding. Any personal data held shall be deleted two years after your application.
18. Should you wish to withdraw your application before any decision is made or at any time request that we delete your application and data please contact Pauline Yould via email to pyould@tatachemicals.com

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