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The seal of approval

We receive the seal of approval

Tata Chemicals Europe and British Salt rushed to the rescue of some seals in Nantwich last week. The company received a call from RSPCA regarding the ill pups, who required salt to correct an issue with their eyes.

Salt is important to seal pups, explains their vet Teresa: “Eye ulcers in seals are a fairly common condition in captivity, they are mainly due to trauma occurred before admission, but they can get them in captivity if seals scratch or bite each other during their socialising time. Is very important to get them in time as they can be very painful, get easily infected and they can potentially lose their eye if they are left untreated.

“Eye ulcers in seals can be very challenging conditions to treat. Although they tend to heal quite quickly with the right eye drops, putting eye drops in a 47kg seal, twice a day, can be very difficult and dangerous for the team. Adding salt to the water in conjunction with the right eye drops and oral pain relief, is an easy and very natural way to speed the healing and prevent any further infections, so we are great-full for the support of salt”

Sales Manager Chris Daniels said: “British Salt are happy to help our animal friends, so we were delighted to be able to contribute our salt, made in Cheshire, to the RSPCA in Nantwich for the seals in their care. We look forward to hearing about their progress.”

Above: Sales Manager Chris Daniels





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