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150 Years of TCE

150 Years of Tata

2018 marks the 150th year since Jamsetji Tata established a modest trading firm in Bombay: the ideal time to step back and take stock of just how much has changed over the last century and a half.

The founder of the Tata group began with one textile mill in central India and – with a powerful vision – from here inspired the steel and power industries in India; helping set the foundation for technical education and India’s industrialisation. Today, Tata group is a global enterprise comprising over 100 independent operating companies. The group operates in more than 100 countries, across six continents, collectively employing 695,0000 people in 17 industries. Whilst much has changed over the years, there remain a number of constants: the group’s strong ethical values, a long heritage commitment to the communities in which it serves to be fair, morally sound and adhere to high standards of corporate governance.

Tata in Europe

Tata has been a growing presence in Europe since 1907 and today includes well-known brands, including: Tetley Tea, Tata Steel Europe, Jaguar, Land Rover, Tata Consultancy Services, Quilon, and The Bombay Brasserie. In addition, Tata Communications, Tata Motors, and Taj Hotels are all significant players in their respective fields.

Where does Tata Chemicals Europe sit in the group’s story?

In 2006 Tata Chemicals acquired Brunner Mond, forming Tata Chemicals Europe (TCE) as a result. The combined businesses made Tata Chemicals the second largest producer of Soda Ash in the world. In 2010, Tata Chemicals Europe also acquired British Salt adding pure vacuum dried salt to the product offering in the UK.

Both business that form part of Tata Chemicals Europe have a long history with the soda ash and bicarbonate business originally established in 1874 – just six years after Jamsetji Tata set up his first mill. British Salt is a relative youngster with HRH Prince Philip opening the Middlewich production facility in 1969.

2018 sees Tata Chemicals Europe a forward-looking, innovative business, built on strong foundations. Speaking on what it meant to be part of Tata, Martin Ashcroft MD of TCE, commented:

“I’ve been part of this business for nearly 25 years now and over this period there have been substantial changes to the economic environment in which we operate with globalisation, the 2008 financial crisis and the digital revolution re-shaping trade. Over the past 12 years, being owned by Tata has meant we have been able to weather the economic storms and develop a long term, sustainable business that is built upon 144 years of our own history in the Cheshire area.

‘’The values which run through Tata companies are close to the heart of TCE, with care, excellence integrity, trust and innovation key to how we see our role in business and the community in which we operate. The emergence of China and India as global powerhouses will continue to transform opportunities for business. Being part of Tata means we are able to plan and invest for the future to take advantages of these opportunities.

‘’We have ambitious plans for the future of Tata Chemicals Europe, with the next few years seeing substantial investment in all our businesses. There are always input cost pressures, so being innovative at the same time as maintaining our performance is crucial.”

Find out more about the history of Tata here:


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