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Parliamentary Review Best Practice

TCE selected as Parliamentary Review best practice representative

TCE is delighted to have been selected as the Manufacturing & Services sector’s best practice representative in the latest edition of the prestigious Parliamentary Review.

Established in 2012, the Parliamentary Review comprises a series of British publications and is designed to highlight and share best practice amongst policymakers and business leaders.
The TCE focus feature outlines key company facts and an interview with our MD Martin Ashcroft, who highlights how our company’s future is a compelling vision of ground breaking innovation built on the four pillars of our business: to sustain soda ash production in the UK, maintain low-carbon energy generation activity and target global growth for both high-grade sodium bicarbonate and high purity salt.

It highlights how looking forward and creating a bold, bright future for customers, employees and shareholders has long been our mantra. It also focuses on the development of the company over the past five years and how TCE has been transformed by the implementation of a bold new strategy that has changed the fortunes of our business.

Our ambitious 2030 carbon reduction target is referenced, along with our plans to build a carbon capture plant designed to capture carbon from flue gases that will be used as a raw material in the production of high-grade sodium bicarbonate.

The importance of energy intensive industries such as Tata, the role of their CHP plants in providing energy to clusters of other manufacturing businesses that work as an ecosystem and their impact on UK businesses that rely upon the raw materials produced also comes into focus for Parliamentary Review readers, together with the need to reform Ofgem’s regulatory framework and the negative impact of Ofgem’s relentless drive for regulatory change.

As Martin Ashurst outlined: “With government strategy firmly focused on increasing exports while decarbonising industry, our vision for the future provides an exciting blueprint for industrial development across the UK, supporting jobs and prosperity in the manufacturing heartlands.”

Martin looks ahead to a bright future where TCE is at the forefront of industrial innovation, meeting government targets for decarbonisation and increasing exports.
In addition to manufacturing & services, the Parliamentary Review has covered industry sectors as diverse as Aerospace, Defence and Security; Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Finance, Housing and Law and Finance.


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