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Meet the team: Ian Hull

Meet the team: Ian Hull, Morson International

In our latest interview in the ‘Meet the Team’ series, we speak to Ian Hull of Morson International, our recruitment partners, who tells us about how our companies work together. 

  • What is your position at The Morson Group and how long have you worked there?

I have worked for Morson International for 13 years. I currently hold the position of Executive Manager and I am the Account Manager for the TCE Business.

  • When did you first start working with TCE? Tell us a little about The Morson Group and the type of work you do for TCE and British Salt?

I first started working with TCE and British Salt in 1998, (the Brunner Mond era) and in 2007 Morson International acquired the company that I was working for. Morson is one of the most respected names in engineering and has just celebrated its 50th anniversary. Morson operates from over 60 global locations, has more than 14,000 contractors working on site, processing 700,000 timesheets a year and delivering 30 million+ people hours to client projects. Morson Group now turns over more than £867 million and employs over 1,200 staff.

We became the preferred supplier to TCE in 2011, as we were able to service their diverse range of roles. In 2014, TCE went to formal tender for their entire recruitment package. We were selected as the preferred supplier based on our existing track record of delivery, considerable technical expertise and breadth of services beyond recruitment (creating operational efficiencies through technology and marketing).

Since then, my team have forged an excellent relationship with the TCE team and have positioned themselves as integral to the recruitment process. We have been instrumental in streamlining operations, enhancing TCE’s employer value proposition and delivering significant cost savings. As a result we were selected as managed vendor, supplying and managing all contract and ultimately permanent recruitment across TCE’s three sites.

  • Are you specialists in the Engineering/Chemicals/Manufacturing sectors?

Morson International is the number one technical recruitment company in the UK and we have specialist expertise across a number of industries including aerospace and defence, rail, IT, professional services chemical and manufacturing. We provide a one stop solution to all of TCE’s needs, recruiting across all areas and disciplines.

  • What are the advantages of using recruitment professionals such as yourselves rather than TCE or British Salt advertising any vacancies themselves?

There are significant advantages to using Morson as the Managed Vendor. Over the years, in partnership with TCE HR, we have strived to streamline the recruitment process and introduce new talent technologies. For example, we introduced and implemented our own technology platform ‘Vencuro’, which allowed the business to control the entire recruitment process through a single touchpoint, managing their employees and new hires. Upon moving to the master vendor solution and following a business review to understand TCE’s goals, pain points and long-term strategy, Morson was tasked with SLA’s focussed on quality, brand and streamlining. This has benefitted TCE in terms of financial cost savings, it has improved their processes and freed the HR team to be able to concentrate on TCE core business, values and internal priorities.

  • When were you appointed and who do you work with at TCE and British Salt? How has the service you provide developed over the years?

I think that as a Business Partnership we have grown together and I work closely with the HR Team and endeavour to build relationships with department heads, managers and supervisors across the business.

The key to the joint success of the relationship between Morson and TCE is the fully integrated, onsite support. I believe Morson act as an extension of their own internal HR team and through this relationship we have provided a complete, holistic staffing solution, from recruitment and payroll, HR management and recruitment marketing. The benefits of an exclusive and personal relationship, based on trust and capability, means we now efficiently manage and streamline all aspects of the recruitment process.

The partnership has also been beneficial for Morson. With mutual trust and an embedded team, TCE have become increasingly receptive to new ideas and technologies. Consequently, we have been able to test-implement a lot of what are now standard features in our Vencuro software at TCE, with the dual benefit of additional technology for the client and a chance for Morson to continue innovating by testing new features to ensure they add value to the client community.

Maintaining constant dialogue, forging trusting relationships and adopting a ‘one team’ approach has been the defining factor towards successful collaboration and preventing Morson and TCE from ever working in isolation.

  • Are there specific skills shortages in our sector and how do you help TCE to overcome this challenge please?

There have been a number of challenges in terms of skill shortages. Whatever the shortfall, Morson have endeavoured to locate and source the ‘best fit’ candidates on their behalf. TCE have worked tirelessly to improve their company branding and their core values to facilitate increased candidate attraction and I know that Morson have been at the forefront in assisting this growth. To assist TCE brand recognition, Morson marketing embarked on a project of defining and refining a compelling employer value proposition for TCE. This includes video interviews with current employees and talent attraction videos. This campaign became the cornerstone content of the bespoke digital portal Morson created for TCE careers and in 2018 the dedicated, search optimised TCE microsite went live, complete with the latest opportunities, compelling imagery and video content.

The dedicated careers site is extremely successful and is the 27th most viewed on the entire website and achieves excellent conversion rates.

Tata Chemicals Europe Microsite – Last 12 Month

Site visits: 20,161

Job views: 16,447

Applications: 2,837

  • What are you most proud of in your work for TCE and British Salt? How do you believe you’ve made a difference to our company?

The thing I am most proud of is the relationship that has developed over years with TCE. I am extremely grateful that I have been able to take the Morson business from just an agency supplier to that of Managed Vendor and one that truly reflects a fantastic business partnership. We have our problems, we make mistakes, but we always work hard to find the best solutions.

We have received excellent testimonials from individuals within TCE and their feedback only urges us to further develop and improve our services. The recruitment industry is constantly changing and working together, TCE and Morson are in a great place to meet future challenges.

The Morson partnership with Tata Chemicals Europe / British Salt truly represents a best in class supplier/employer relationship. From traditional recruitment and supporting charity work, to implementing innovative technologies and creating operational efficiencies – Morson and TCE have demonstrated what a true partnership can achieve.

  • What do you enjoy most about your work with TCE?

This is really easy to answer – your people.

I also get great satisfaction in knowing that the candidates I put forward are going to be instrumental in steering the TCE business in the future.

As a footnote, I would like to thank everyone at TCE and British Salt for their continued support.


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