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Angus, Sales and Marketing Director, discusses the importance of putting customers first.

Our philosophy is simple

“Without our customers we wouldn’t have a business. Placing our customers front and centre allows us not simply to deliver on our contractual obligations, but to go above and beyond, delivering outstanding levels of customer service and satisfaction.

“A wealth of knowledge and experience, our customers can also expect passion, commitment, honesty and integrity from a team of people who really care.”

Success through stability

“We’ve all faced and shared the same extremely challenging obstacles in recent years, with the lead up to Brexit, the unprecedented disruption of Covid, and then the turmoil caused by highly volatile energy markets, leading to across-the-board cost increases and economic uncertainty. Like many other businesses, at TCE we’ve been dealing with new hurdles on an almost daily basis. We have shown incredible resilience in overcoming adversity across all areas of the business. It’s this stability and reassurance in the face of uncertainty that customers can expect from us.”

The future looks bright

“We will continue to strive for the very highest standards of quality and fulfilment, ensuring that customers receive the right product, at the right time, and for the right price.  

“We also have the exciting prospect of taking pharmaceutical grade salt to market when the new Medi-Salt plant comes on stream at Middlewich, as well as a new in-house warehousing solution to launch, and fully leveraging our net zero sodium bicarbonate product ‘Ecokarb’.”

Where we deliver

“As a business we can point to lots of positive strides that we’ve made and are continuing to make in regard to our sustainability credentials and CSR. It’s here that we can really add value for our customers who are themselves increasingly prioritising sustainability initiatives.”

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