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“I never get

Jacob discusses the fantastic opportunities that are available for TCE apprentices.

The next generation

Apprentice Jacob is one of the youngest members of the TCE team at just 18. Currently on a secondment in customer services from the sales team he talks learning and progression at TCE.

A challenge

“I genuinely look forward to coming in every Monday! I’ve really been thrown into things since being at TCE, including a couple of quite big accounts where I’m learning so much. Being on the customer-facing side of things can be quite high pressure but I find it really rewarding and I’m enjoying having KPIs and targets to hit. I also get to have a couple of meetings a week with my mentor, Angus, who is TCE’s Director of Sales. It’s amazing to have that level of contact with someone so senior in the business. I don’t think that’s something that many other 18-year-olds get exposed to so early on in their careers.”

Real world experience

“At the moment I’m working towards my level 4 in sales and then I’ll get the opportunity to go on and do my level 6 which is equivalent to a university degree. I don’t think you can ever learn enough, so working towards formal qualifications while getting real world experience is a win-win for me. Everyone is really invested in my learning and pushes me to make sure I take an hour away from my desk to get my apprenticeship work done.

“I think I’m the youngest person in the business and everyone really looks out for me here. Working with a team of such experienced people is such a privilege. My mate Terry has worked here is whole life so if you’ve got a question, he’s the guy to go to, and I’m just trying to absorb all his knowledge.”

Investing in people

“At TCE there’s a real culture of honesty. I get feedback on a regular basis which makes me feel even more motivated to progress and grow. They really invest in the person here and are big believers that they can teach you the skills you’ll need, you just need to bring the right attitude and work ethic. That being said, don’t just expect to be handed things. They really encourage you to go out there and find out things for yourself. I’d always advise other apprentices to ask questions. Be inquisitive and talk to different people across the business.

“What would I say to someone considering an apprenticeship at TCE? If you want a job where there’s always something to do, something to challenge you and loads to learn then get that application sent in. It’s the best decision I’ve made, and I’m excited to see what my future here holds.”

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