Here at TCE and British Salt, we manufacture quality salt in varying grades. From our standard pure dried vacuum (PDV) salt right through to the high purity technical salt, we are able to serve a diverse range of sectors.


Suitable for a wide range of general applications where purity is paramount. Our standard pure dried vacuum salt is used in the food, chemical, industrial and water treatment sectors. The food industry not only re-packages this salt for table use, but also uses it in a wide range of dairy products, snacks and convenience foods.


Fine grade salts are high purity salts which have been classified according to their particle sizes, to give consistent performance during processing. When a smaller particle size is required, our graded salt products provide pure salt at the right specification.


Grades designed for food applications where a controlled particle size range is required.​

  • Tanker Fine is sieved salt products delivered in bulk for high volume food production processes.​​
  • It conforms to internationally recognised standards such as BS998:1990 ‘Vacuum Salt for Food Use’ and ‘Codex Alimentarius – Worldwide Standard for Food Grade Salt’ ensuring the highest standards of chemical purity.​​
  • This grade is ideal for producing high value and technically demanding foodstuffs, including dairy products, meats and snack foods.​
  • This product is available in bulk tanker deliveries across the UK.


Formed from high purity PDV salt, our range of compact salt products have been specifically developed for water treatment and water softening in domestic, commercial and industrial applications. Our compacted salt products include Aquasol briquettes and blocks, and Granulite.


Our range of technical and general industrial salts are vital for agriculture, animal feed and other high-end technical applications.


Our high purity PDV salt is compacted to form granules, which are ideal for de-icing as:​


  • High purity salt melts ice, leaving no residue​
  • Granules increase speed of melting compared with free flowing salt​
  • Granular nature of the salt can help improve level of grip​
  • Ideal for light commercial, industrial and domestic users​
  • Available in 10kg PE bags with convenient grab handles
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