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Matt, Production Manager for British Salt, discusses the importance of an open culture surrounding mental health.

Beyond the office

During his time at TCE as a Production Manager, Matt has also been working as an on-call firefighter. He discusses the similarities between his two roles and discusses his position as a health first aider.​

An open culture

“Times have changed so much in recent years, and though thankfully it’s now behind us, I think it’s fair to say that the pandemic exacerbated things in terms of mental health. Here at TCE there’s a real family culture. Sometimes you see your team more than your family, especially if you’re working shifts, so it’s important that we look out for each other and nurture an environment of talking openly.

“I actually see so many parallels between TCE and the fire service. There is the same culture of camaraderie and both roles have high stakes and high payoffs! As an on-call firefighter, I’ve learnt to be calm in a crisis, which at a workplace like ours is vital. We’re working on groundbreaking and potentially dangerous processes, so a cool head is incredibly important.”

Exciting times at TCE

“During my career at TCE I’ve done so much and now I’m involved in a lot of new projects. It’s such an exciting time to join our team, there are so many projects to get involved with at the moment and to be exposed to such innovative processes is a privilege. I am so excited to have been such a huge part of our latest pharmaceutical project, where we are going to be producing healthcare grade salt.  

What sort of employees are TCE looking for? We’re big on the individual here. We want people who come up with solutions, who are a good fit with the rest of the team and who have the right attitude. Qualifications and experience are of course important, but if you come with the right attitude and ethic, we can teach you the rest!”

Care: a key value

Thanks to TCE I have undertaken mental health training that I have found incredibly useful in my role as a manager. It’s a case of giving you the tools, helplines and resources that you can pass onto others. As a manager myself, I don’t believe in the ‘just get on with it’ attitude. I make it clear to my team that I’m here if they want to chat about silly things or serious things because I truly believe that if my team feel cared for, they in turn care themselves. 

What fires me up in the morning? My job is so different. Every day I’m dealing with a massive range of things and complex processes and that – along with my team – is what drives me and continues to do so. 

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